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If you miss the slider above these paragraphs, I removed it because I need to reissue the first two Cam Locke novels with new covers. The rights to them have reverted back to me and I need to get them republished. Hopefully before too long. I can't believe the first half of 2018 is almost gone! Final editing done on my third Cam Locke adventure not quite finished, alas. Procrastination is a mild word to describe the last few months for me, as far as writing is concerned. But my muse, Yardley, must have kicked my umm, backside, and got me in at least low gear again!

Cover is just about finished for the new edition of PI Cam's first adventure, Requiem for a Party Girl. Hoping to have it republished very soon. The second, Delusion for Lonely Girl, to follow and finally number three, title as yet not certain. In this third outing, Cam takes another road trip, further afield this time, to the Gulf Coast. While there she is jolted by her unexpected response to meeting a charismatic police sergeant, new member of the multi-agency crime task force of Shac Lane, her 'main squeeze,' her old friend, Detective Sgt. Jake Hunter and female TBI Agent Taylor Glass.

Speaking of writing, I'll soon be releasing a brand new print edition of a standalone novel, Sweetwater Deception, that I've had out as an ebook for a while on Smashwords, maybe soon on Amazon. This one is set in Georgia, where I grew up. The book was one I did a first draft for during November 2016's National Novel Writing Month, often referred to as NaNoWriMo. The main character in Sweetwater, Dana Pennington Kenyon, is also a Georgia native who must confront secrets from her past when she returns to the farm where she grew up. I don't anticipate that it will turn into another series, but who knows? Look for it in online venues!

The new edition of the first Royce Thorne novel has been released by The Wild Rose Press. Look for it on Amazon and other online venues, occasionally free on NetGalley in return for a review.
When Royce Thorne's policeman husband was killed in the line of duty, her life changed in more ways than is usual for a widow. But there were compensations, as readers will discover.
Check it out and if you haven't read it, try it out!