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The stars, moon and all the planets must have been in alignment for me in May of last year. If you had been around my domincile at the time, you'd have seen me doing the happy, happy dance! Requiem for a Party Girl, first in my mystery series featuring sassy female PI, Cameron Locke, found a publishing home. I signed the contract with Oconee Spirit Press to release Requiem to the world. The release date of February 20, 2015 is rapidly approaching. Some information is already up on Amazon, check it out by clicking the blood-red cover below!

Disguise for Death, starring Royce Thorne, policeman's widow and writer, had been waiting patiently on my computer hard drive. So last year I dusted off my self-pubbing arm, A Different Drummer Publishing, and got it published. Royce has to rethink her decision to keep secret her husband's unfaithfulness more than twenty years ago to save the son he fathered. A sequel, tentatively titled Death Stalks the Wohlford is in the works.

I'll be ramping up (as much is in my power) my publicity opportunities and market search for all my books this year. In addition I try to keep my own websites and those of my two writing guilds updated and my columns written. The big challenge is carving out time for the actual writing of new stories and books. Maybe I can petition for more hours in the day. Or heck, more days in the week.