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Hello, I'm Detective Sergeant Jake Hunter, Roswell, GA. You may remember I came to East Tennessee to talk to Private Investigator Cameron Locke when we were involved in the case she called Requiem for a Party Girl. Together, she and Detective Sergeant Shac Lane, who works for the Wexler Bend Police Department, TBI Agent Taylor Glass and I closed that case. Not without some danger for Cam, but she survived. I was glad to work this case and tie up some loose ends on an old case in my neck of the woods. But also because I met Taylor Glass. I'd always had a soft spot for Cam, but wasn't about to step on Shac's toes, even though he hasn't yet admitted he's at least somewhat in love with Cam.

I decided to ask Ramblin Scribe if I could introduce myself and talk a little about the next case we worked on. You can read about it late this summer, or early fall, when Delusion for a Lonely Girl is released by Oconee Spirit Press. Unfortunately, the deaths of two more young women bring Cam, Shac, Taylor and me together again. Though the deaths, both murders, stem from different motives than those in Requiem. These girls, with no idea they were courting disaster, entered into relationships with people, some in high places, who operate in the seamy underbelly of society. And they paid a terrible price. Cam is at her usual detecting best, cooperating in her own way, with Shac and the Task Force to solve the case.

Available across all outlets, online and brick and mortar, print and digital, Requiem for a Party Girl, first in my mystery series featuring sassy female PI, Cameron Locke. Check it out by clicking the blood-red cover below or here.

And soon available through the same outlets, Delusion for a Lonely Girl, next in the Cameron Locke mystery series from Sylvia Nickels.