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Available across all outlets, online and brick and mortar, print and digital, Requiem for a Party Girl, first in my mystery series featuring sassy female PI, Cameron Locke. Check it out by clicking the blood-red cover below or here.

Have had some interesting booksigning events this summer. I knew when the weather turned warm we'd be busy again trying to get into venues and interact with readers and other writers. I'm happy that I've had opportunities to participate in events at places I haven't done before. Can't make contact with readers and supporters unless you get out there. Here's a link to the Bristol Herald-Courier newspaper and my interview with Joe Tennis, features writer, for Requiem for a Party Girl. Includes a video, too!

Disguise for Death, starring Royce Thorne, policeman's widow and writer, has been out for a while now, in print and ebook. In that one Royce Thorne had to rethink her decision to keep secret her husband's unfaithfulness more than twenty years ago to save the son he fathered. I'm working on the second in the series, Wrapped for Death, also set in my fictional small city, Fall Creek. The booksigning Royce and Chrys scheduled at the brand new Wohlford Place Inn for the book Royce finished in Disguise is disrupted when a woman lands on her table. Did she fall from the mezzanine balcony or was she pushed? And how is Chrys Wynter involved?